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The Leading Flexible Membership Platform for Golf, Spa & Leisure Clubs

From Flexible Membership to Waiting Lists, PlayMoreGolf helps increase membership revenue through new members and better retention.

New Membership Category

If you’re looking to introduce a new membership category, whether it be corporate, flexible or something else, PlayMoreGolf can support you.

Existing Membership Category

PlayMoreGolf supports clubs who have an existing Flexible Membership category, waiting list or points-based membership. Furthermore, we help save you administration time and make you more money through better retention processes.

Golf, Spa & Leisure

For the venues who have multiple offerings, wouldn’t it be nice to have all your memberships under one roof and track usage better? With PlayMoreGolf you can.

About PlayMoreGolf

PlayMoreGolf was founded as the first flexible membership platform, designed to capture the infrequent golfer, whilst also saving you time and your business money.

In addition, PlayMoreGolf can also link multiple venues, support your golf & leisure business by having all things membership under one roof and help engage your waiting lists and increase retention levels.

What is a Flexible Membership?

A flexible membership is the perfect solution for those golfers that are time poor, not able to justify the cost of a full membership but who still want to be attached to a golf club, spa or leisure complex.

A member will purchase a certain number of points in advance that can be redeemed against rounds of golf, spa treatments or leisure activities. The points value will be determined by the day of the week and time of the day shown in a points matrix.

Benefits to Your Golf Club Having a Flexible Membership Category

Capture infrequent golfers
For those golfers who play multiple times a year, but perhaps don’t quite play enough to justify a full membership.
Retain existing members
If you have members whose circumstances have changed, a flexible membership could be the perfect solution to stop them leaving at all.
Increase revenue
By opening up a new membership category, you will start to attract more visitors, thus resulting in more revenue for your business.
Improve golf course utilisation
Our data suggests that the flexible member plays their golf at off-peak times, which helps with spreading the usage of your course across the day.
Time saving
Through our expertise, automations, planned processes and much more, PlayMoreGolf can save you time each month for you to focus on other areas of the business.
Multiple memberships, multiple sites
For the clubs or multi-site operators with a variety or membership offerings, PlayMoreGolf is the solution for keeping everything under one roof and helping to simplify things for your club(s).

A Platform That Offers More than Just Flexible Golf Membership

From the initial marketing of your new membership category to processing that payment transition and custom support. PlayMoreGolf is more than just a Flexible Membership.

Other Partner Clubs Who Work with PlayMoreGolf

Whether you’re a Private Member Golf Club, Resort or Proprietary Owned, PlayMoreGolf has got a solution for you. You’ll be joining other golf clubs worldwide to our trusted platform.

Questions Other Golf Club Managers Ask

We speak to many General Managers, Club Secretaries and Board Members each week. Therefore, we get asked a lot of questions about the product and our company.

Successful Flexible Membership Stories

PlayMoreGolf has been fortunate to work with some very successful golf clubs who have recently implemented a Flexible Membership category.

Richard Crawshaw
Head Professional, Wortley Golf Club
Wortley Golf Club We decided to choose PlayMoreGolf over doing our own membership system, mainly because of the backup and support that they can give you. Their experience is invaluable in helping you. We’ve had over 100 players join on the scheme, a mixture of a younger demographic of players and some of the older players who used to be here and have come back to the club. sInce launching the membership category, both board and committee are very, very...
Ogbourne Downs Golf Club PlayMore.Golf has been a game-changer for our golf club! Their innovative and flexible membership scheme has helped us to attract new members and increase our revenue. The platform is easy to use and manage, and it offers great value for both the club and the golfers. We’ve seen a significant uptake in the flexible membership category, with many of the members upgrading into full membership categories due to them loving our course that they were first...
James Short
General Manager
Natalie Lowe
Owner, Theale Golf Club
Theale Golf Club We always wanted to offer flexible membership at the club as we knew there was a market for it, but we didn’t how to manage it. The concern was always that the administration of it would be time-consuming and difficult. The fact that PlayMoreGolf is all managed online and points are automatically deducted, and the bookings feed straight to our tee sheet is fantastic and ensures the staff is free to continue with their tasks and looking...

Our Thoughts on the Golf Industry

We will talk about everything from increasing membership revenue, membership retention, CRM systems, marketing and much more. Furthermore, if there’s a topic you want to discuss, we’ll write about it.

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