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PlayMore Golf Product Features

Product Features and Services You Receive with PlayMoreGolf

One of the many benefits in becoming a partner club of PlayMoreGolf is the product features and assistance we give you. In addition, below is what we offer our partners from support, to marketing, processing payments and much more.


We offer marketing support which covers paid search, social media and email marketing. Additionally, included in our services is an initial 90 day digital marketing strategy.

Lead Generation

PlayMoreGolf generates you membership enquiries through our marketing activities and existing network of golfers.

CRM (Sales / Renewal)

We work with Hubspot and implement a CRM system which ties in with all our marketing to drive more sales and better retention levels through advanced automation.

Customer Support

Our customer service team is on hand for all your PlayMoreGolf members needs as well as any golf club queries, technical issues or anything else, to ensure you’re getting the necessary assistance you need.

Account Management

We provide dedicated club support managers to help with anything from on-boarding, implementation, planning marketing ideas, industry insights and much more.

Transaction Management

All payments are processed through PlayMoreGolf, which includes membership fees, renewals refunds and points top ups, which are then paid on a monthly basis to your business.


We’ll share insight reports to keep you and your team in the loop with activities that are going directly with your club, but also across the industry too.

White Label

Have your club's own branded platform, which looks like no other. Our white-label solution, XVIII does just that.

Other Providers Product Features and Services

There are many other providers in the industry who offer the technology to run your own Flexible Membership category. Below are the features and services you'd typically receive.

Transaction Management

Payment processing for membership joiners, points top ups and refunds.


A reporting dashboard for you to membership numbers and revenue.

Full Service Flexible Membership Solution and Features


Perfect if you are looking to launch a new category and require marketing support to do so.
Dedicated Account Manager
Customer Support Team
Marketing Support and Implementation
CRM (Sales / Renewal)
Reporting Dashboard
Full Transaction Management
Allow Golfers from Other PlayMoreGolf Clubs

Connecting Your Existing Flexible Membership with PlayMoreGolf


For clubs with an existing flexible membership category but looking to save admin time.

Read our guidance on running your own scheme versus a PlayMoreGolf partnership.
Transfer Over Existing Members to New Platform
Customer Support Team
Dedicated Account Manager
Reporting Dashboard
Full Transaction Management

Features for Managing Your Corporate Golf Members

Corporate Membership

For clubs looking for support in managing an existing Corporate Membership or considering launching a new category.
Bespoke White-Label Solution
Points or Rounds-Based
Your Own Selling Price
Full Transaction Management
Reporting Dashboard
Bespoke App
Full Customization of Playing Entitlements

The Platform features for Your Spa & Leisure Clubs

Spa & Leisure

Offering a comprehensive solution for venues seeking to enhance their guest experience and revenue streams. Furthermore, this module provides a seamless platform for managing spa and leisure facilities.

Appointment Scheduling
Membership Management
Online Booking Services
Optimising Resource Allocation
Reduce Administration & Time
Increased Customer Satisfaction

Bespoke White-Label Platform

IX Membership

Providing your club with the same functionality as the PlayMoreGolf product but debadged to make it look and feel more like your own. Perfect for clubs looking
to introduce a new category of membership or manage an existing category but looking to operate the scheme themselves.


Your choice of membership pricing
Your own Club Branded page that is customised
Open your club to the PlayMoreGolf Network and generate extra revenue from visitors.
IX Membership App to enable your customers to manage their membership, make bookings, top up and renew online.
No marketing or Customer Service with these solution
Club Support Manager is included

How Much Does it Cost to Implement PlayMoreGolf at Your Golf Club?

The Pricing and Commitment Options

There are 4 options that we provide, that are available on either 24 - 60 months commercial terms. These are available as individual memberships or Corporate Memberships.

PlayMoreGolf Retained Product:

Play, Retain

For clubs with an existing flexible membership category but looking to save admin time.

Key features Includes:

  • 7 different prices to sell your membership
  • Connect your platform to your tee sheet provide
  • A bespoke pricing matrix for your club based on a points value of £3.75 per point
  • Opportunity to change your pricing matrix 4 times per annum, including a winter / summer matrix
  • Your club page on our network
  • Allow PMG members from other clubs (away players) to play at your venue using their points
  • Summer / Winter Season
  • PlayMoreGolf App
  • Customer service team
  • Dedicated Club Support Manager

From £71.57 p/month

Billed annually at £859 £750 p/year

3.5% commission
on sales of members added to the platform and renewals.

PlayMoreGolf Standard Product:

Find, Join, Play, Retain

Perfect if you are looking to launch a new category and require marketing support to do so.

Key features includes all of Play, Retain plus:

  • Year round marketing support
  • A CRM system to manage your leads and drive better conversion
  • Opportunity to sell individual and corporate membership

From £150.28 p/month

Billed annual at £1,803 £1,575 p/year

18% commission
on sales of joiners and renewals.

IX Membership

Perfect for clubs looking to introduce a new category of membership or manage an existing category but looking to operate the scheme themselves.

Key features include:

  • Bespoke annual membership pricing*
  • Connect XI platform to your tee sheet
  • Your own club branded page with limited customisation
  • Open your club to the PMG Network
  • Up to 4 points matrix changes can be applied per annum to account for seasonal changes
  • IX Membership App
  • Club Support Manager to Onboard and support

*Based on £3.75 per point

From £477.08 p/month

Billed annually at £5725 £5,000 p/year

6.5% commission
on sales of joiners and renewals.

IX Spa and Leisure

Offering a comprehensive solution for venues seeking to enhance their guest experience and revenue streams. This module provides a seamless platform for managing spa and leisure facilities.

Key features include:

  • Appointment Scheduling to create live availability
  • Connecting our platform to your current booking software
  • Online Booking for your customers and account management
  • Renew online and top up account balance online
  • Transaction Management and Monthly Invoicing
  • Optimising resource allocation based on demand, team absences
  • Create demand led pricing for treatment based on current demand
  • Reduced administration and more time to focus on customer experience

From £858,75 p/month

Billed annually at £10,305 £9,000 p/year

6.5% commission
on sales of joiners and renewals

*Cost shown represents a 36 month agreement. Prices vary on length of agreement.

Conta-Deal: No Upfront Expenditure

Launch your new Flexible Membership category completely risk-free with our Contra-Deal offering. Available for the PlayMoreGolf "Standard Product: Find, Join, Play, Retain" only. Read our blog here for the full details.

Annual Software Fee

As with most technology platforms, consumers will pay an annual software fee, often referred to as a licence fee. Also, the PlayMoreGolf the annual software fee you pay covers licenses, staff, software upkeep and much more.

There are no other dedicated flexible membership providers in the market to provide a like for like comparison on cost but there are Golf Management Software providers that offer a flexible membership as a bolt on to other products they provide.

Some providers offer this as a FREE solution but worth ensuring you have the resource to market this membership, manage member queries as this can be time consuming.

(Read our blog I can run my own flexible membership scheme so why should I partner with PlayMoreGolf.)


There is a fixed fee for new joiners and renewals, which covers our marketing costs and the cost of processing payments.

The reason this charge is the same for new joiners and renewals is because over the length of the partnership we provide marketing every month and our cost would not be covered by new joiners alone.

We would encourage you to use our calculator to assess your return on your investment over a 2 or 3 year period. Bearing in mind the cost to partner with PlayMoreGolf means you do not have to spend time doing the marketing, joining new members up, renewing members, and managing member queries. You can invest your time in other areas of golf club life.

8 Steps to Going Live With PlayMoreGolf

Step 1 - Essential Information

Our first step is to gather some essential information from you about your club, which helps us to build your club page on our network. This includes some signature images of your club and course that can be used when prospects are visiting your explore page on our website, we will also obtain current green fee prices, which helps to create your points matrix and your current 7 day membership selling price, which helps to establish the selling price of your flexible membership.

Step 2 - Building your Club Page and CRM System

Once we have the essential information your Club Support Manager will commence work on adding the information into our system, which builds your club page on our network and your club page on our CRM system, which will be used to manage leads being generated from our marketing.

Step 3 - Training Session Tasks

In Step 3 your Club Support Manager will be liaising with your tee sheet provider to request connectivity to your tee sheet, they will build your points matrix based on the green fee prices you have provided during step 1 and will propose your flexible membership selling price.

Step 4 - Marketing Plans

In Step 4 your Club Support Manager will be devising a launch plan for marketing, which includes our paid marketing, content marketing to showcase the benefits to prospects, creation of all the assets that will be used in the marketing process including email templates, social media templates and physical marketing in the form of postcards for the pro shop to display and or banners. We also ask for you to create a section under the membership page of your website to inform visitors to your
website that you have flexible membership scheme in place.

Step 5 - Sign off by you

Your Club Support Manage will seek final sign off from you with regards your Club page, your points matrix, your selling price, your marketing launch plan.

Step 6 - Training

This is when your Club Support Manager will visit your club to undertake training in the system. It is good to ensure all team members that will be involved in the process to be present and ideally Pro Shop Team, Office Team and General Manager/Secretary. This step is a great opportunity for you and or your team to ask any question of your Club Support Manager.

Step 7 - Pre-Launch Testing

At step 7, your Club Support Manager will be testing the system to ensure everything is working as it should be. They will be doing tasks such as making a booking to ensure the booking feeds into your tee sheet software. Then, making enquiries via your explore page on our website to ensure the lead filters into your dashboard and sends an email to you to notify you of the new lead, they will go through the process of how a new member joins to ensure all processes work.

Step 8 - Launch

Finally, once the Club Support Manager is happy that steps 1-7 are all completed, they will seek to launch your club into the PlayMoreGolf Network and begin to generate leads for your club.