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Private Member Golf Clubs

As a committee-led Private Members Club (which includes councils, management boards, etc.), we understand the importance of business partners with knowledge and expertise in the golfing industry.

With many committees being members volunteering their time, we understand that trust is a key value with those that you work with.

We help assist in the running of your Flexible Membership Category.

A flexible membership category removes the dependency on weather-reliant revenue for clubs. It also enables better visibility on your income, and introduces a new contracted revenue stream.

Proprietary Owned Golf Clubs

Owning and running your Golf Club can be time-consuming, with multiple challenges and different business areas demanding your time. Whether that is dealing with health and safety, course conditions, or profit margins on your food and beverage sales. We understand that trust is a key value with those that you work with.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we can generate additional revenue and at the same time allow you to remain in control, all whilst increasing your profitability.

We integrate with your current booking system. The point-based product allows you to make those quieter tee times more appealing. Thus resulting in a fully utilised tee sheet.

As part of the PlayMoreGolf service, we work with you to determine how to best use the point matrix system, turning those underutilised tee times into attractive contracted revenue opportunities.

Proprietary golf club partner
PlayMoreGolf Resort and Hotel Partner Club

Resort / Hotel

Create a new revenue stream whilst reducing the risk of weather-dependent income with a flexible golf membership category.

We understand that golf resorts are more process and target-driven. Whether you are a general manager or a membership sales executive, you all work towards achieving targets. Either in retail golf revenue, residential golf revenue, corporate golf revenue, or maintaining your existing membership base, time and resources are imperative.

With no additional in-house resources required, PlayMoreGolf can help launch, manage and support your flexible membership category at your Resort.

We provide the expertise and platform with the necessary resources. This covers marketing, sales, and customer services to help generate and manage new members for your resort at no additional staffing cost.

Spa and Leisure

Our Spa and Leisure module offers a comprehensive solution for venues seeking to enhance their guest experience and revenue streams.

This platform is particularly advantageous for resorts, hotels, and golf clubs, where guests often seek relaxation and recreation alongside golfing activities.

It allows these venues to diversify their offerings and attract a broader clientele. This will drive greater profitability by effectively capitalizing on their spa and leisure facilities

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