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Flexible membership golfers sitting around a table
5 missed opportunities for your golf club not having a Flexible Membership category 
By Brad Chard - 16/04/24

Should golf clubs have a Flexible or Points-based membership category?    This is a question golf clubs have asked themselves for a few years now. At PlayMoreGolf, we know the benefits…... Read more

Golf members watching green fee golfers in the rain
Golf Membership Revenue vs Ad Hoc Green Fee Revenue? 
By Brad Chard - 09/04/24

Will your golf club generate more revenue through membership or green fees? Should I try to take on more members or casual green fee visitors?  Are you a club that…... Read more

Price led blog post. PlayMoreGolf
Demand led price increases are great for our golf club 
By Brad Chard - 02/04/24

How to structure your points-based membership to run alongside your green fee price strategy.  Given the unprecedented demand experienced by golf clubs in the post COVID pandemic era, participation levels…... Read more

Attract flexible members to your golf club.
How to attract more members to your golf club? 
By Brad Chard - 19/03/24

Your Golf Club’s Membership Strategy  Are you a Golf Club General Manager, Owner, Committee Member, or Director considering your membership strategy? You may be asking yourself what alternative membership models…... Read more

increasing membership numbers with golf manager looking at a graph
Effective Strategies for Increasing Membership Numbers at your Golf Club
By Brad Chard - 12/03/24

Can my golf club grow its membership numbers?  Talking about boosting your golf club membership is not something that many golf clubs have had to think about these past 24…... Read more

Two golf club managers agreeing a contra deal for PlayMoreGolf
How Does a Contra-Deal Work with PlayMoreGolf?
By Brad Chard - 07/03/24

Can my club join the PlayMoreGolf Network and not pay an annual fee?  The short answer to this question is no. However, we do have several different solutions, including contra,…... Read more

Benefits flexible members can receive from membership with PlayMoreGolf
What benefits can a golfer gain from a flexible points-based membership? 
By Brad Chard - 05/03/24

Is a flexible membership right for golfers?  This is not necessarily a question many golf clubs have had to ask themselves recently given the unprecedented boom. Although, we know from…... Read more

Girton joins PlayMoreGolf flexible membership network
Protected: Girton Golf Club joins PlayMoreGolf Network
By - 28/02/24

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.... Read more

Golf club managers discussing flexible points-based membership
Structuring a Flexible Membership Effectively
By Brad Chard - 27/02/24

What Flexible Membership is Best for your Golf Club  This white paper explores the importance of structuring a flexible membership model for golf clubs and its impact on renewal rates.…... Read more

Full member downgrade? Flexible membership | Playmoregolf
Will introducing Flexible Membership at my golf club cause all my full members to downgrade?
By Brad Chard - 20/02/24

Why a Flexible Membership is perfect for your golf club When we discuss the PlayMoreGolf opportunity with golf clubs, many ask the same question. Will having a flexible golf membership…... Read more