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Why PlayMoreGolf

The PlayMoreGolf Team and Partners

PlayMoreGolf was founded by the same team who launched and ran The De Vere Club. With our extensive experience of running golf clubs and working in the leisure industry. Furthermore, we know how important it is to keep up with the ever-changing golfer demands.

A flexible golf membership doesn’t replace a traditional membership, in fact it helps to remove the dependency on weather reliant revenue for clubs and give better visibility on streams of income throughout the financial years.

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How PlayMoreGolf Can Benefit Your Golf Club

There are several reasons why a golf club might introduce a flexible membership option.

Attract New Members
Flexible membership can be a good way to attract new members who are not sure if they want to commit to a full membership. It also can be a good option for people who have limited time to play golf, or who cannot afford a full membership.
Retain Existing Members
If you're concerned about retaining members due to time restraints or affordability, Flexible Memberships could be an excellent option.
Increase Membership Revenue
For clubs looking to increase revenue, Flexible Membership can do this. It helps by attracting new members and retaining existing members. It can also help to increase revenue by generating more green fee revenue from members.
Improve Golf Course Utilisation
Flexible membership can help to improve the utilisation of the golf course by encouraging members to play at different times of the day and week. This can help to reduce congestion on the course and make it more enjoyable for all members.

Generating Your Golf Club a Return on Investment

We know that outlying any expenditure with a supplier requires careful consideration and a partnership with PlayMoreGolf is no different. It is nice to have confidence that you will see tangible results and more important make returns on your investment.

This images shows that over a 36-month period your club could net £32,576 worth of contribution to your club’s bottom line. In year 1 the contribution to your
bottom line would be £4,532 and in year 3 it would be £17,419. The contribution shown is after costs deducted.

This means your return on investment in year 1 would be 258% and in year 3 would be 995%. (ROI = profit / cost)

This is based on a selling price of £420 and assumes 20 new members joining in the first 12 months (other selling prices are available).

If we told you that 6 new flexible members would return your investment and you would not have to do anything to achieve this, would you do it? Some partner clubs can achieve a payback within the first month of going live.

Flexible Membership Also Helps Golfers

In addition to the above, golf clubs may also introduce flexible membership options to:
Make golf more accessible to a wider range of people, including those with busy lifestyles or limited budgets.
Encourage people to try golf for the first time.
Gives a more flexible option for families and couples.
Attract corporate members.
Provides a stepping stone pathway into full membership.
Golfers have access to a wider network of courses to play through PlayMoreGolf.
Ultimately, the decision of whether to introduce flexible membership is a business decision that each golf club must make for itself. However, the potential benefits of flexible membership are clear.

Meet the Team

Behind every great business is a team of hardworking and knowledgeable individuals. Below is the PlayMoreGolf team who are either on the road visiting golf clubs or behind the scenes making everything tick.

Alastair Sinclair – Chief Executive Officer

Alastair Sinclair, the CEO of PlayMoreGolf, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. Prior to embarking on his journey in the golf industry over a decade ago, he spent over 20 years in Banking in London. This covered Mergers and Acquisitions through to restructuring large corporates businesses including multi national golf operators.

In August 2014, Alastair Sinclair took on the role of CEO at PlayMoreGolf, where his leadership and vision have propelled the company to new heights.

In addition to his professional and family commitments, Alastair is a passionate rugby and outdoor pursuits fan ranging from sailing through to gun dog training.

Brad Chard – Chief Operating Officer

Brad started working in the Golf Industry 24 years ago. Previously, he worked as General Manager across a range of golf clubs.

In August 2021, Brad joined PlayMoreGolf. From members clubs, large proprietary clubs, and multi-site operations, Brad’s experience is varied. Given his strong golf operational background, Brad helps support his team as he has a good understanding of the challenges facing golf operations.

Finally, in his spare time, he is a volunteer football coach and likes to run or go to the gym on most days.

Bruce Porter  – Club Sales Manager

Bruce has been a member of the PGA for over 15 years, and  has been fortunate to experience many different aspects of our amazing industry. To begin, Bruce started collecting range balls as an assistant professional. Before later working all the way to sitting in a room recognizing some of the most amazing golfing venues in the world. Bruce has been fortunate to have experienced a lot. All with one common goal, to assist golfers in getting the most out of our great game.

Lastly, away from golf Bruce has an amazing family who give him more than he ever hoped for. And if there is time after all that Bruce will sometimes squeeze in some golf and fishing.

Matt Smith – Club Sales & Club Support Manager

Matt has been with PlayMoreGolf since December 2022.  With over 15 years of experience of working in the Golf Industry, working for Crown Golf, BRS, GolfNow and Club Systems.

Matt’s role is split between club acquisition and Club Support. He loves the variety of the job, and speaking to different clubs every day about their needs, and how our products can help drive additional revenue into their clubs.

Moreover, in his spare time, playing off a handicap of +2,  Matt loves to play competitive golf in the scratch events. In addition, he loves spending time with his young family and attending my local church. Matt is an avid Nottingham Forest supporter and follows the NFL.

Mark Selby – Head of Creative & Brand Partnerships, & Club Support

Mark has extensive experience within the golfing world. Not only having held a +1 handicap and trying to turn professional in America (a long time ago )but also had his own sports marketing agency. In addition, he has worked with LET, European Tour and Europro tour players from across the globe. Including working with them on sponsorship, PR and marketing, as well as running many golfing days for various companies throughout his career.

This experience led him to PlayMoreGolf , where he actively works to help our network partner clubs engage with their membership as well as attract more members to the club, manages our Social media as well as our brand partnerships with companies such as Motocaddy, Bushnell and Payntr Golf.

Golf Brands We’re Proud to Partner With

We’re delighted to work with and have our name associated with some of the leading businesses in the golf industry.

Flexible members are offered a unique member benefit scheme whereby they can receive discounts off key products by being a PlayMoreGolf Flexible Member.

Motorcaddy, 6EZ, Payntr Shoes, Golfers CBD, Bandobras Golf Towels

We Integrate with all Tee Sheet Providers

Whatever golf management system you use, we can connect to it.

Club Systems, Intelligent Golf, ESP, BRS, Lightspeed, Resort Suite, Concept.

Moreover, have worked with these Golf Management Software providers for several years and have built an effective working relationship to enable a seamless integration.