Generating more revenue from your tee sheet

Generate more revenue through your tee sheet
By Brad Chard - 09/07/24

Can a points matrix help to control utilisation on the golf course? 

We are all quite familiar with the traditional membership subscription model. Overall, this provides members with unlimited golf within certain parameters (time and day).  These membership models have been in operation for many years.  

With participation rates at an all-time high and utilisation of golf courses on the increase. Can unlimited golf as a core membership benefit really help golf clubs to maximise the utilisation of their tee sheets? 
Now you may be thinking, we have always done it this way. Our membership numbers are the best they have ever been, and our golf courses are busy, so I do not need to make any changes. I 100% agree with you. Many golf courses have flourished in this post covid era, which is brilliant. 

Identifying quiet times on your golf course 

However, what about those that are concerned about the utilisation of their golf course? Those who have identified quiet periods in the week when no one is playing? Would introducing an afternoon only membership package with unlimited golf after 1pm, for example, work for you? It might, but of course will be reliant on the needs of that golf club’s consumer.  

There are of course alternative options to unlimited golf that may yield a better result.   

Tee sheet points matrix 

A key component of a points-based membership solution is the points matrix. This determines the value of a particular time of day and day of week.  

Designing your point matrix using actual golf course utilisation data means you can control utilisation on the golf course and move members into quieter times of the day.  

This does not impede the enjoyment of members on unlimited golf membership. Whilst it does mean your golf club can maximise the utilisation of its tee sheet. 

Data from flexible members in the PlayMoreGolf network shows that 70% of all golf played is done so between 12pm and 5pm and 75% of all golf is played midweek. 

Maximise your tee sheet utlisation at quiet times

If you have noticed trends in your tee sheet which you like to capitalise on, please get in touch. Introducing a points matrix to your golf club will likely result in generating more revenue. And, even better, from those so called ‘quieter times’.