How Does a Contra-Deal Work with PlayMoreGolf?

Two golf club managers agreeing a contra deal for PlayMoreGolf
By Brad Chard - 07/03/24

Can my club join the PlayMoreGolf Network and not pay an annual fee? 

The short answer to this question is no. However, we do have several different solutions, including contra, for you to pay your annual fee. This includes an option to allow PlayMoreGolf to cover the annual fee from the income we generate for you, meaning you have no expenditure to make. It also means that we take all the risks.  

What is the annual fee for? 

As with most technology platforms, clubs will pay an annual software fee, often referred to as a license fee. With PlayMoreGolf, the annual software fee covers licenses, support staff, customer service team, software upkeep, software improvements, onboarding, and the marketing launch plan. 

There are no other dedicated flexible membership providers in the market to provide a like-for-like comparison on cost. However, there are Golf Management Software providers that offer flexible membership as a bolt-on to other products they provide. 

Some providers offer this as a FREE solution. Although, it is worth ensuring you have the resources to market this membership, manage member queries as this can be time consuming. 

Contra: How does it work if PlayMoreGolf takes the annual fee from income generated? 

We refer to this as ‘Contra.’ This is where PlayMoreGolf takes the value of the annual fee from the income we generate for you. PlayMoreGolf will retain 100% of the revenue generated until the annual fee has been cleared and at this point, we will then release income to your club monthly, net of our costs.  

In some cases, the annual fee can be cleared in the first month of going live. In other cases, it can take a few months. It is very club dependent and time of year dependent (launching in the summer versus the winter). 

We will still go through the normal contract signing process with your club to bring you into our network. Once your contract is signed, we will then launch a marketing campaign. 

Launching PlayMoreGolf at your club 

To ensure we maximise lead generation for your club, when you elect to contra the annual fee against the revenue PlayMoreGolf will run a 30-day paid marketing campaign. This will launch your new flexible membership category into the marketplace to encourage interested golfers to register to join the scheme. We also ask all new clubs to market this new membership category to their database of ex-members and visitors with the marketing collateral we provide.  

At the end of the 30-day campaign, the PlayMoreGolf Membership team will work to convert those that have registered their interest. We do this through automation and telephone sales. 

What happens after the initial 30 days? 

If, after the 30-day marketing campaign, there is not the required number of new members, we may agree not to continue with the partnership. Based on our track record, this outcome is unlikely.  Should this be the case though and PlayMoreGolf decides the scheme may not work at your club we will cease the partnership with no cost penalty to your club. 

Should, as expected, we have a healthy number of new members to kick off the partnership, we will then connect into your tee sheet software system. We will switch on your Club Admin Dashboard to enable you to manage the scheme. 

Paying via contra will be more expensive than paying your annual fee upfront. This is because PlayMoreGolf is taking all the risk with this payment method and therefore must account for this risk. The benefit to your club of course is that you do not have to expend any income to join your club to the PlayMoreGolf network. 

Interested in discussing our contra arrangement further? 

Our contra arrangement is a new offering. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please contact [email protected]