5 Tips For Golf Club Membership Retention

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By Brad Chard - 30/11/22

Heading into 2023 there is still a lot of unknowns out there on how golf membership will be affected as the country heads into a recession. In our latest webinar we wanted to share some wisdom with you including some insights that we are receiving from our PlayMoreGolf members. The webinar includes five hints and tips for clubs that they may wish to consider particularly coming into the renewal process for 2023; including how a flexible membership solution can support you at your club, plus adding value into the renewal process.

The COVID bounce in new members could well manifest in potentially seeing fewer renewals next year with golfers being more conscious at how much golf they have played, and did they play as much golf during their 12-month membership as they expected or hoped to. The economic crisis that’s coming has an impact on the golfer and the choices that they can make when renewal approaches.

Do you feel as a club you are prepared for these changes in the economy?

Our Top Tips for Golf Club Membership Retention looks at how we develop a plan to address:

  1. Membership Strategies
  2. Member Communication
  3. Renewal Plan
  4. Timeline of Activity 
  5. Adding Value

These are addressed in our latest webinar which can be viewed by clicking below:

Watch Our Membership Retention Webinar

At PlayMoreGolf we analyse our data and collect feedback from our members, including looking at non-renewal reasons. We collected 1100 responses from PlayMoreGolf members giving us the reasoning why they elected not to renew with us in 2022. A graph of our findings is below:

As you can see from April and May we’ve started to see the trend shifting a little from flexible members now choosing not to upgrade to full membership and citing affordability as the main indicator. This trend began when the cost of living started impacting many and looks like it is set to continue with affordability becoming a big issue for 2023. That is certainly what we’re seeing from the stats shown here.

As part of offering a flexible membership with PlayMoreGolf we have a full Club Support Team who regularly visit our partner clubs. During our visits we are starting to get some insights from them and seeing more questions around whether clubs need to consider providing other options for their members to help them navigate through the 2023 renewals.

We would recommend watching our latest webinar looking at our 5 tips for successful renewals and why the importance of good renewal with some low attrition can mean a successful year for you and the club. This certainly gives foundations for the club’s budget and cost commitments moving forward. Watch the full webinar by clicking below.