Effective Strategies for Increasing Membership Numbers at your Golf Club

increasing membership numbers with golf manager looking at a graph
By Brad Chard - 12/03/24

Can my golf club grow its membership numbers? 

Talking about boosting your golf club membership is not something that many golf clubs have had to think about these past 24 months. It would be fair to say that recruitment of new members and retention of existing members has been strong. We have seen the emergence of membership waiting lists for some golf clubs.  

For some though, looking at implementing effective strategies to grow your golf club membership levels are key agenda topics. 

Looking to increase golf club membership levels requires a combination of marketing, member engagement, and offering value to potential and existing members.  

14 ways to generate more golf club members  

  1. Offer Membership Tiers: Create different membership tiers with varying benefits and price points to appeal to a broader range of golfers. From traditional memberships to more flexible membership options such as a points-based solution with PlayMoreGolf or trial memberships.  
  1. Pricing Strategies: Ensure your membership fees are competitive and provide value for money.  Offering different tiers of memberships can appeal to a wider audience and give your club the competitive edge.  How many potential prospects do not join your club because the golfer cannot find a category to suit their lifestyle?  
  1. Membership Benefits:  Offer enticing membership benefits, such as priority tee times, member-only events, a member benefits programme offering discounts with well-known brands, discounted golf lessons, use of other courses with reciprocal programmes.  

Does digital marketing work for a golf club?

  1. Online Presence: Create a professional and informative website that highlights your club’s amenities, events, and membership details. Use social media platforms to engage with potential members and share updates. If golfers are searching for golf membership in your local area does your club appear at the top of the search engine?  
  1. Targeted Marketing: Use data analytics and target marketing strategies to reach out to potential members who match your club’s demographic and interests.  At PlayMoreGolf we use tried and tested methods with our points-based membership solution.  
  1. Email Marketing: Maintain an email list to keep members informed about upcoming events, promotions, and news. Personalised emails can be more effective in retaining and attracting members. At PlayMoreGolf we use email marketing to show the benefits of flexible membership to prospects.  
  1. Member Referral Programs: Incentivise current members to refer new members by adding value, offering discounts, merchandise, or other rewards. Word-of-mouth recommendations can be highly effective.  
  1. Open Days and Events: Host open days or taster sessions for non-members to experience the club. Organise social events that allow potential members to interact with current members and staff.  
  1. Community Involvement: Engage with the local community through charity events, youth programs, or partnerships with schools. This not only helps promote the club but also fosters goodwill.  
  1. Loyalty Programs: Implement loyalty programs that reward members for their continued support. This can include points-based systems for pro shop discounts, discount off your member benefits.  

Improve your product, experience and attract more visitors

  1. Enhance Course Conditions: Maintain high-quality course conditions. A well-kept course attracts both new members and retains existing ones. Invest in course improvements and regular maintenance.  Showcase your course through video and photography. Unless a prospect has played your course, they do not really know what it is like.  
  1. Feedback and Improvement: Listen to member feedback and continuously improve the club’s services and facilities based on their suggestions.  
  1. Retention Efforts: Focus not only on attracting new members but also on retaining existing ones. Happy, satisfied members are more likely to refer others and stay with the club long-term.   
  1.  Member Experience: Ensure that the club has courteous and knowledgeable staff who provide exceptional service to members and guests.  

Remember that boosting golf club membership is an ongoing effort that requires a combination of marketing, member satisfaction, and community involvement.   

How to market your golf club and increase membership

Marketing is an on-going 12-month activity to maintain your club profile in the local community. At PlayMoreGolf we use effective paid campaigns to ensure our partner clubs are always at the top of the search engine when golfers are looking for membership.  

It may seem daunting when looking at new ways of boosting golf club membership. It can be one of those jobs that never quite reaches the top of the to do list. A partnership with PlayMoreGolf can help your club to implement an effective strategy whilst your team can get on with operating your busy golf club. 

By continuously improving your club’s offerings and actively engaging with potential and current members, you can increase membership levels and create a thriving golf club community.  

See how a partnership with PlayMoreGolf can help.  Get in contact today.