How to attract more members to your golf club? 

Attract flexible members to your golf club.
By Brad Chard - 19/03/24

Your Golf Club’s Membership Strategy 

Are you a Golf Club General Manager, Owner, Committee Member, or Director considering your membership strategy? You may be asking yourself what alternative membership models are available to help your golf club attract more golfers.  

There are several options that you could consider which work alongside your current membership categories.  At PlayMoreGolf, when we are speaking with potential new golf clubs, we always ask one question. “What is your club’s strategy for golf membership revenue over the next 3 years?” 

In the main golf clubs tell us that they have seen a slowdown in the number of golfers looking to join their Golf Club in the last 12 months. Additionally, some are worried about the retention of existing members.  

Alternative Membership Categories for your Golf Club 

General Managers will tell us that they are looking to grow revenue streams but are concerned about how the current members will react to this. If planned correctly, there are alternative membership solutions. These can all operate alongside current membership categories and deliver your clubs goal of increased revenue.  

Trial Memberships – Try out the golf club before you commit 

These memberships offer golfers a chance to try out the club for a brief period of time at a reduced rate. This can be an effective way to introduce new golfers to the club and to convince them to join as full members.  

Family memberships – Allowing all family members access 

This model makes it more affordable for families to join the club. For example, a family membership might include unlimited access to the golf course for two adults and their children.  

Corporate memberships – Combining business and golf  

This model targets businesses and organisations that are interested in offering their employees or clients access to a golf course. For example, a corporate membership might include unlimited access to the golf course for a certain number of employees. Furthermore, you can get discounts on food and beverage and event rentals.

Offering this as a flexible points-based membership solution can help to control the level of golf played. At PlayMoreGolf we provide a great white label solution for Corporate Golf under our XVIII Golf Product. This product also integrates with mostmosttee sheet providers like Intelligent Golf, BRS & Club Systems

Punch pass memberships – Limited number rounds of golf 

This model allows members to purchase a set number of rounds of golf in advance. This can be a good option for golfers who do not play as often, or who are on a budget.  

Flexible memberships – Points based pricing matrix 

This model allows members to purchase a set number of points that can be redeemed against rounds of golf. 

The type of model you choose will depend on your clubs’ own needs and wants. We know that a flexible points-based membership enables your golf club to control how much golf is played and when golf it is played. 

We understand golf clubs are concerned about making sure a new membership model operates seamlessly alongside existing categories. With our support and expertise, flexible membership could be the solution for your club.  

Different Member Benefits for Golfers 

In addition to these different membership models, golf clubs can also offer innovative programs and amenities to attract more golfers. For example, some clubs are offering golf lessons for children and adults, while others are hosting social events and tournaments.

Here are a few additional tips for attracting more golfers to your golf club:  

  • Make it easy for people to learn about your club and its membership options. Have a clear and concise website and social media presence, and make sure your membership information is easy to find.  
  • Offer competitive pricing and flexible membership options.   
  • Promote your club’s programs and amenities. Let people know about the golf lessons, social events, and tournaments that you offer.  
  • Partner with local businesses and organisations to offer discounts and promotions to your members. This is a fantastic way to increase the value of your membership and to attract new members.  

By offering innovative membership models and programs, golf clubs can attract more golfers and grow their business. Ultimately, the best way to attract more golfers to your club is to offer a variety of membership options and benefits. You will then appeal to several types of golfers to increase your audience.  

If you would like to discuss your membership strategy or categories in more detail, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you.