Tee Sheet Utilisation

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By Kerry Ryman - 30/05/23

In recent years, the global landscape has shifted significantly due to the impact of Covid-19 and the ensuing cost-of-living crisis. This transformation has not spared the golfing world, where memberships have been replaced with more vital priorities. At PlayMoreGolf, we’ve been steadfast in assisting our partner clubs in addressing the challenges stemming from decreased full memberships and Tee Sheet gaps.

Understanding your Tee sheet is paramount, as it empowers you to make data-driven decisions. By monitoring your Tee sheets over time and tracking relevant data, you can pinpoint the periods when tee time bookings experience a significant dip, thereby identifying your quietest times.

Tee sheet monitoring plays a pivotal role in devising strategies to boost memberships and converting casual golfers into regular players. Our flexible membership option facilitates increased utilization during off-peak times, bolsters green fee revenue, and appeals to casual golfers—all without impacting existing members.

Additionally, comprehending how to optimize your tee sheet allocation according to different times of the day and days of the week is crucial.

Benefits of Enhanced Tee Sheet Utilization:

Tee Sheet Utilization stands as a critical metric used by golf club managers, often alongside metrics like Revenue Per Round to gauge business performance. Depending on your club’s nature, you might aim for full utilization, with every tee slot booked for a 4-ball game, or you might opt for a more balanced approach spreading golfers throughout the day and week.

Balancing revenue generation with golfer experience is a strategic decision that necessitates input from key stakeholders, including the management team and club committee.

Factors to Contemplate:

  1. How many tee times per day should you offer?
  2. What are your current tee time booking patterns?
  3. How much additional income is needed to meet financial targets?
  4. Do you want to maintain control over tee sheet filling?

The Significance of Grasping Tee Sheet Utilization:

Once you’ve formulated your Tee Sheet Utilization strategy, understanding your booking data becomes pivotal in achieving your business objectives. Your tee sheet data provides two vital insights:

  1. Identifying periods of reduced utilization during the week.
  2. Spotting booking trends over a specified duration.

Armed with this data, you can now construct a strategy to reach your target tee sheet utilization metrics. Whether it’s through growing full memberships or attracting more green fee revenues from occasional golfers, societies, and corporate events, your Tee Sheet Utilization data will illuminate opportunities during quieter times of the day, such as mid-week post-lunch tee times.

One effective solution is the implementation of a flexible membership category. This points-based approach makes off-peak tee times more enticing for flexible members, who can book a round of golf during these periods in exchange for a reduced number of points. Flexible members can choose when to play throughout the week but are likely to gravitate towards tee times offering better value for their club membership.

By efficiently managing a flexible membership scheme, you can optimize your tee sheet without resorting to discounting green fees on third-party platforms.

For a detailed demonstration of how PlayMoreGolf can enhance your tee sheet utilization, schedule a 30-minute demo of our flexible membership solution today. Explore our latest Webinar for additional insights on optimizing your golf club’s operations.