Launching a Flexible Membership in Winter

Winter golf at Foxhills
By Brad Chard - 24/01/24

Introducing a Versatile Membership Option for Winter: A Winning Choice for Winter Golf Enthusiasts 

Many golf clubs have attempted to combat the sluggish winter months by introducing discounted winter membership offers. If your club is among them, have you ever considered launching a more strategic and valuable flexible golf membership category instead?  

At PlayMoreGolf, we firmly believe that this is the optimal choice. It not only drives sales through a flexible membership structure but also provides golfers with cost-effective options for playing, including during the summer months when costs tend to be higher. 

So, why should you consider a flexible membership over a traditional winter membership?  

Let’s delve into the key benefits: 

  1. Preserves Existing Membership Pricing: With a flexible membership, there’s no need to reduce the rates of your existing membership categories. 
  1. Year-Round Member Engagement: It encourages members to remain active at the club throughout the entire year, not just during the 3-4 winter months. 
  1. Incentivises Upgrades: It provides an incentive for golfers to upgrade to full membership if they exhaust their points. 
  1. Exceptional Value: The flexible membership offers great value, even when the golf course is closed, as points are only deducted when a golfer plays. 
  1. High Retention Rates: Approximately 80% of flexible members renew their memberships, compared to most “winter-only” members who don’t renew due to the price increase in March. 
  1. Optimised Revenue: While winter memberships may offer golfers lots of play at a reduced price, a flexible membership ensures that the club receives the desired revenue per round. 

Moreover, having members use their points throughout the year allows you to cultivate long-term relationships, resulting in more touchpoints to promote the club and generate additional revenue from other club offerings. 

Many golfers often purchase winter memberships but find that they don’t utilise them as much as they’d like, leading to low renewal rates. With a flexible membership, if they don’t use their points in the winter, they still have the option to play during the summer months, albeit at a higher point premium when tee times are in high demand. 

Here are some statistics from our partner clubs that shows the value that a flexible membership adds to their club during the winter period.  Statistics taken from 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023. 

The Welcome Golf Club, nr Stratford-upon-avon. 

  • Enquiries: 101 
  • New Members: 44 
  • Revenue from new joiners: £13,500 

Forest Hill Golf Club, nr Leicester. 

  • Enquiries: 69 
  • New Members: 39 
  • Revenue: £12,833 

Clearly, launching a flexible membership in winter not only boosts revenue for the club but also ensures everything is in place when the golfing season kicks into high gear in the spring. 

Want to unlock your club’s full potential? Flexible membership empowers you to optimise your tee-sheets not only during the winter but throughout the entire year. You can tailor a point system that appeals to quieter times while allowing flexible members to pay a premium when playing during peak demand.  

Connect with a member of our Sales Team to learn more about PlayMoreGolf’s Flexible Membership – it’s a game-changer for your club’s success. 

Now, that’s the way to do it. 


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