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Girton joins PlayMoreGolf flexible membership network

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Structuring a Flexible Membership Effectively

Golf club managers discussing flexible points-based membership

What Flexible Membership is Best for your Golf Club  This white paper explores the importance of structuring a flexible membership model for golf clubs and its impact on renewal rates. It addresses key issues related to tee time availability within the tee sheet, exclusion of times, pricing strategies. Plus, we look at the use of

Will introducing Flexible Membership at my golf club cause all my full members to downgrade?

Full member downgrade? Flexible membership | Playmoregolf

Why a Flexible Membership is perfect for your golf club When we discuss the PlayMoreGolf opportunity with golf clubs, many ask the same question. Will having a flexible golf membership category mean all my full members are going to ‘downgrade’? The short answer is no, and here is why: The traditional membership model is only

Can a points-based membership system help in retaining current members?

Member retention using points-based membership

Article written by former General Manager and current COO, Brad Chard. Increasing membership retention at your golf club  You would expect us to say ‘yes’ to a points-based membership helping retain current members. What we would like to try and articulate in this article is that it will help to retain current members. We will

12 things you need to run a successful Flexible Membership category

Golf club office team running a successful flexible membership category

Article written by Club Sales & Club Support Manager Matthew Smith The key to running a thriving Flexible Membership Having a lifestyle membership, associate membership, flexible membership, whatever you want to call it, there is certainly a need for it at every golf club. Why? Because there is a massive market for golfers who do

The Benefits of Your Golf Club Partnering with PlayMoreGolf

Partner golf club benefits | Increase membership revenue

Article written by COO, Brad Chard Why your golf club should partner with PlayMoreGolf In today’s competitive landscape, golf clubs face numerous challenges to attract and retain members while staying financially sustainable. One effective solution gaining momentum is partnering with innovative platforms like PlayMoreGolf. This blog will delve into the compelling reasons why your club

Should golf clubs implement dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing | Best rate | Cheapest Price | PlaymoreGolf

Dynamic Pricing:  Dynamite or Kryptonite for Golf Clubs? While dynamic pricing can be a powerful tool for golf course operators, it is crucial to approach its implementation with caution. Striking a balance between revenue optimisation and customer satisfaction is key to a successful dynamic pricing strategy. Surge pricing or dynamic pricing is not a new

What are the potential challenges in implementing a points-based membership solution?

Challenge hitting ball | PlayMoreGolf | Flexible Membership

Things you should consider before launching a points-based membership category Have you thought about introducing a flexible membership in the past or is thinking about introducing one now? I wanted to share with you some of the potential challenges you may wish to consider. These challenges are things we talk about to clubs who are