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Golf Industry Faces Membership Challenges Amidst Strong Rounds Played

In May 2023, Golf Business News reported a significant dip in membership numbers within the golf industry, despite the continued strength of rounds played. This shift follows a remarkable surge in membership levels throughout the pandemic, which reached unprecedented heights. While the industry experienced stabilisation in 2022 with a focus on member retention, the decline

Tee Sheet Utilisation

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In recent years, the global landscape has shifted significantly due to the impact of Covid-19 and the ensuing cost-of-living crisis. This transformation has not spared the golfing world, where memberships have been replaced with more vital priorities. At PlayMoreGolf, we’ve been steadfast in assisting our partner clubs in addressing the challenges stemming from decreased full

5 Tips For Golf Club Membership Retention

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Heading into 2023 there is still a lot of unknowns out there on how golf membership will be affected as the country heads into a recession. In our latest webinar we wanted to share some wisdom with you including some insights that we are receiving from our PlayMoreGolf members. The webinar includes five hints and